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AIKON’s First API Marketplace is Live– with a Bounty

AIKON is making it easier for developers and businesses to participate in the $2.2 trillion API economy.

This week they’ve launched the first incarnation of their marketplace, API.market. To kick things off, they’ve incorporated a bounty for early adopters, and announced their first end-to-end case study where researchers for Hubble will utilize HADRON’s enterprise blockchain technology through the platform.

Monetize Your API

AIKON’s is building a protocol called the Open Rights Exchange, which provides a decentralized, immutable standard for payment and rights management for APIs. As more and more transactions move online, this protocol will become increasingly useful, allowing assets of any kind to become frictionlessly tradable in a standardized way.

This removes countless barriers, unnecessary logistics and red tape from the average developer being able to monetize their API. Developers will no longer need to hire accountants, lawyers, or start a corporation just to sell what they’ve made. With lower barriers to access comes increased incentivization to build, and more options with lower costs for businesses.

To learn more about AIKON, visit their project page.

API.Market is Live

API.market is a super easy interface that handles all the complexity involved in integrating blockchain with the current world of software.

The alpha allows developers to test the first API using the ORE Protocol for API rights management; a stable payment token system designed to be backed by cloud hosting services; and a decentralized marketplace that grants equal access to the global, digital economy for developers everywhere.

They’ve also announced the first end-to-end case study of AIKON, by allowing a traditional government agency (STSci, researchers for Hubble) to work with a blockchain company (HADRON) through the platform.

API.market makes it so STSci doesn’t have to touch blockchain or crypto and still use the cutting edge AI-tech of HADRON.

Visit API.market, and participate in a special bounty challenge for early adopters.

AIKON’s First API Marketplace is Live– with a Bounty
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