Devcon 4: The First Fruits of Buidling

The fourth “Ethereum family reunion” was one of the most exciting. After the past year of unprecedented interest in the blockchain, the developers, designers, researchers and artists who contribute to Ethereum unveiled some of the most impressive, industry-advancing updates we've seen at any event.

Many of the major updates came from ConsenSys projects, like PegaSys' Pantheon Core and MetaMask's mobile browser announcements. The progress of applications like these toward being widely usable –and visually stunning– felt like a milestone for the Ethereum ecosystem.

Here are some of our favorite announcements and discussions that happened:

  • The ENS team is working to integrate with existing DNS services to offer the stylish top level domain names of .eth, .buidl, .xyz, and .luxe
  • Truffle surpassed 1,000,000 downloads, the day before Devcon 4
  • Gitcoin launched Kudos, NFTs you can give to other people to recognize a job well-done
  • PegaSys announced the launch of Pantheon Core, a new enterprise-grade Ethereum client. The goal of Pantheon is to lower the barrier to entry for enterprises and accelerate mainstream blockchain integration.
  • Vitalik Buterin delivered an exciting keynote about the future of Ethereum. "Serenity" is a beginning to replace Ethereum 2.0 or Shasper to describe the upcoming integration of Casper and sharding. As the fourth development in the Etheruem roadmap, Serenity is helping the technology realize the potential of a world computer.
  • Gnosis presented their mobile wallet, the Gnosis Safe. It's the first smart contract-based wallet for mobile, allowing for advanced recovery options, batch transactions, meta transactions, and more.
  • Gitcoin announced EIP-1337, a landmark open-source protocol to allow subscription payments on Ethereum.
  • MetaMask introduced the rollout of their mobile browser in early 2019. You can read the full recap here.
  • Vlad Zamfir presented his CBC Casper Design Philosophy.
  • Gitcoin, Bounties, and Kauri teamed up to lead a group discussion about how to build bounty platforms. The group focused on potential conflicts between the need for reputation systems and quality assurance with censorship & privacy concerns.
  • Blockchain testing firm Whiteblock released a research paper revealing that EOS may not actually be a blockchain, and has a centralized design that implies serious security concerns.
  • The ConsenSys Design team presented their open source Web3 design system Rimble today.

Devon 4 will be hard to top. Ultimately, the many unveilings and forward-thinking strategies reflected the postitive effect of the current period of #buidl for blockchain projects in general.

Devcon 4: The First Fruits of Buidling
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