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Find Us At San Francisco Blockchain Week

San Francisco Blockchain Week officially starts Friday. We’ll have a group of team members including token designers and our community lead present, and we’ll be hosting several events as well. If you’re in the area, check out our schedule below.

The week-long bonanza that is Blockchain Week focuses on educational, consumer and developer-focused events– a split from the financial undertones present at many crypto and blockchain conferences throughout the year. Token Foundry and ConsenSys will be participating in thought leadership panels, like leveraging blockchain to better society, and an update on the state of security tokens.

Find Us At These Events

Wednesday, October 3

Women in Blockchain: Inclusivity and Impact
We’ll be co-moderating this inclusivity and impact panel at ConsenSys HQ, San Francisco, alongside Dispatch Labs and Bounties Network. Blockchain represents a new opportunity for more women to enter tech, and it’s working. How do we encourage this shift?

Thursday, October 4

Blockchain for Social Impact Summit
This all-day summit will focus on innovative use cases for blockchain in transforming the way governments, businesses and communities interact for the betterment of all. For example, we'll be sharing how Cuipo is using blockchain to add transparency and trust layer to protecting the rainforest in the Amazon.

Tech Talks with ConsenSys Spokes
Our fellow spokes, like GitCoin and MetaMask, will be on display and available for networking. Come to learn about the technologies that enable these projects, and get your questions answered.

Friday, October 5

ETH San Francisco
The world’s largest Ethereum hackathon kicks off Friday, at the Palace of the Fine Arts. Token Foundry will have developers hacking away, and our community manager present. We can’t wait to see what innovation comes out of this day. It’s buidl time, after all.

Monday, October 8

Epicenter, Day 1
The heart and soul of SF Blockchain week is Epicenter. Hear from some of the brightest luminaries in the industry debating topics like if blockchain can solve the world’s fairness problems, or whether TCRs are hype or revolutionary.

Meet the ConsenSys Mesh
Head back to ConsenSys' San Francisco office to meet teams of the ConsenSys Mesh including LABs, Solutions, and Catalyst. Learn about the unique -and awesome- structure of our company.

Security Token Meetup
Our own Jay Thakrar will be speaking on the security token meetup at NODE, San Francisco. This is a hot time to talk security tokens, so any evangelists of digital securitization won’t want to miss this.

State of the Token Economy at Modernist
We’ll be hosting an invite-only event at Modernist. To request an invite, visit this link.

Tuesday, October 9

Morning Run
Literally run alongside our team at this morning run.

Epicenter, Day 2
Day 2 of Epicenter should be even more exciting. Our head of token design will be speaking on a panel, “The Future of Tokens: Utility or Security?” at 10:15am.

New Governance Mechanisms and Crosschain Activity
Presented by Web3 Foundation, this meetup will feature Tezos, 0x and Polkadot and take place at Starfish.

Cocktails with Huobi and JD Capital
We’ll be co-hosting an evening of tokens, finance, networking and cocktails. This event has a waitlist, but you can add your name above.

Wednesday, October 10

Blockchain Baddasses Breakfast
We’re hosting a breakfast for anyone who would describe themselves as the above! Network with members of the Token Foundry team, and debrief from the past several days of intense thinking.

Crypto Economics Security Conference
This conference will explore the economic security aspects of blockchain protocols, including game theory, incentive design, mechanism design and market design along with other topics related to crypto-economics security, and to foster collaborations among researchers and practitioners working on these topics.

Come with your thinking cap on. Our token designers will be in attendance.

Thursday, October 11

An Evening on ERC721 and DAI
Our friends at MakerDAO will be hosting this meetup with examples (and presentations) of non-fungible tokens built with ERC721.

Friday, October 12

NonFungible Summit
The NonFungible Summit is a one-day event focusing on the design, uses, applications, and potential of non-fungible tokens and digital ownership.


Want to meet up with someone from Token Foundry? @ us on Twitter through the week, or message us on Instagram and Telegram. We’re anticipating a thought-provoking, intense Blockchain Week in the time of #buidl. We’ll see you there.

Find Us At San Francisco Blockchain Week
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