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Introducing ARA: Content on a Secure and Decentralized Web

Here at Token Foundry we believe in decentralized systems that empower creators and consumers. Today, we are excited to introduce one of our latest projects, ARA. ARA is changing the way digital content is transacted, reinventing the flow of content around the world.

The project was born out of the team at Littlstar, building technology to solve the problem of expensive and inefficient methods of distributing content with value. The team had a vision that all digital content could be more discoverable, secure, and decentralized.

The media landscape today is mired in outdated technology for selling and distributing content. ARA combats this by providing a secure decentralized content delivery network, which enables creators and publishers to sell and deliver digital content and goods directly to consumers while simultaneously providing protection and maximizing creator revenue.

A New Pro-Creator Platform

What’s truly unique about ARA is its conflict-free file system network. Known as AFS, this system is the core of what makes ARA exclusive. The system has built-in transparency; consumers and creators own their data, and the blockchain acts as the trustless neutral party that provides transparency, autonomy, and rewards for participation.

Distribution costs are significantly reduced for creators and publishers with ARA’s novel distributed file delivery system. The file sharing system reduces costs as the load is shared across the distributed network of nodes.

The ARAid

In today’s society, privacy is being stripped away more and more every day. Not only do companies like Facebook and Google know everything about consumers, governments have also been involved.

ARA’s platform addresses this problem head-on. A key component of the ARA platform is ARAid — a decentralized, secure identity for all users, publishers, applications, and content on this system. Because these IDs don’t require any central authority for control or creation, all users can truly own both their identity and data across every application in the system.

Powering the ARA Token Economy

ARA provides an abstracted common interface for distributed and decentralized services to integrate with the platform and implement custom incentives models and mechanisms using its native protocol token also called ARA.

Users earn rewards and use these tokens for purchases across the platform, resulting in a well-supported and decentralized system and ultimately, a thriving token economy. This not only means utility for the consumer, but creators use tokens to push content into the system, and developers purchase tools and modules with tokens to build their applications on ARA.

The Decentralized Content Delivery Network of the Future

We are excited about the future of distributed and decentralized systems, and the creative and powerful tools and applications that will be built on the ARA protocol. We believe that ARA will solve the archaic challenges content creators face today.

For more information, you can visit their project page here.

Introducing ARA: Content on a Secure and Decentralized Web
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