Berlin Token Wirtschaft 2018: Token Talks at the Castle

At the end of Berlin Blockchain Week and the day following ETHBerlin, over 100 invited guests gathered at the Kreuzberg Castle to discuss the state of affairs in the token economy, with a focus on token engineering and protocols.

Through a joint effort of Linum Labs, Energy Web and Token Foundry, the first Token Wirtschaft featured intimate, thought-provoking sessions with top token experts, and a casual environment that enabled the kind of candid discussion our industry needs to advance.


Sessions included highlight panels on subjects like investing in the space and the token ecosystem, as well as workshops in token engineering and token curated registries. The event took place under the trees in an impressive garden underneath one of Berlin’s national heritage sites, the Kreuzberg Castle. Speakers came from leading companies in the industry like Ocean Protocol, Spherity, 1kx fund, and MakerDAO.

“The people here are focused on building out the infrastructure and technology. That’s really going to be the driving force of decentralized living.”
–Collin Myers, Token Foundry


One of the most interesting panels was the token teardown, moderated by Token Foundry’s head of token design, Wayne Chang. Token experts weighed in on the actual value that comes from their token systems. They shared insights on how to boostrap decentralized networks, and offered that VCs can play an important role in the process.

In a similar vein, Simona Pop from ConsenSys Bounties and Jess Salomon from MakerDAO led a fantastic session on building communities for these networks, and adoption. From the many token creators and founders at Token Wirtschaft, it was clear that there are many aspects to master in developing a decentralized network than token design alone.

Another notable session was Spherity’s unveiling of their Interlinked protocol, an open source protocol connecting human and non-human intelligence by providing an interoperable interaction layer. Their protocol will allow users to exchange data, digital assets, physical value and services in a privacy-preserving way.


Token Wirtschaft 2018 was just the kind of event the token space needs to innovate, meld minds, and grow. Stay tuned for more Token Foundry sponsored events (hint: especially in the San Francisco area) for anyone passionate about the tokenized economy, and the decentralized future.

You can watch a recap of the event below:

Berlin Token Wirtschaft 2018: Token Talks at the Castle
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